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We are one of the leading manufacturers & exporters of Harvester Fingers and Crop Lifters in India.  We are part of one of India's most reputed industrial group " The  Group" (since 1965).  We are exporting our products to more then 30 countries worldwide.  Our products are widely appreciated in international markets due to our high quality standards and wide range of manufacturing capability.



----- Quality Goes In Before The Name Goes On -----


All Finger and Blades are parts of any cutting system and they should replaced after a certain time of usage.   We follow stringent quality inspection to ensure durability and dependability of our products.  Alaska Fingers are in demand due to our  qualities.
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Ruggedness
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance


Most heat treatement processes consist of heating and either quickly or slowly cooling the specific part.  This heating and cooling process may be done overall or targeted to specific area.

Alaska forged fingers are heat- treated using one or a combination of these two heat treatment process.

Thru-Hardening: This process is an overall hardening of the part. With heating and then subsequent cooling an outer hardening of the part occurs.

Induction Hardening: The forging is heated in a more targeted fashion, first using an electrical current to heat the targeted areas, following which the part is then quenched, or cooled very quickly.  This causes the carbon steel atoms to fuse in the targeted area providing the hardness and durability these high friction areas require.


Adjustable hold-down clip helps control optimum cutting distance between the cutting section and the finger.  It is important to keep the cutting section moving freely and as close to the finger cut off surface as possible, since a gap between the cutting section and the finger cut off surface will not provide a clean cut.  Proper clearance between the hold-down clip and the cutting section prevents excessive wear.

Proper adjustment of the hold-down clip and high quality Alaska Fingers will result in longer cutting life during the harvest.